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Other Services Available


Evening Sitting -

Do you have a pet that has Separation Anxiety or is just not use to being left on their own? 

Evening Sitting can now help you. This works just like a 'baby sitter'. I would arrive at your house before you go out for the evening/night and take all instructions of what your pets normal routine is at that time of evening or night.

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Nail Clipping -

For all animals GREAT and small

nail clipping southport merseyside

Medication & Ear Cleaning -

When it comes to giving your pet(s) the regular wormer or if they are on tablets it is easy for those that eat it with their food but those pets with good noses sniff them out! So Talley wags is here to help you give medication to your pet if you are struggling with this on a daily basis and do not really have the time to be popping back and forth to the vets. I have dealt and handled aggressive and scared animals while administering:

  • Cats/dogs oral tablets
  • Rabbits and other small animals oral liquid treatment
  • Also medical creams and lots more...

Sometimes your pets get dirty ears and if not checked regularly they could get infected. If your pet looks like they have quite dirty ears and you are unsure how to clean them then Talley Wags is here to help. Also if you pet has a ear infection and you have taken him/her to see a vet and they have administrated your pet ears drops or ear cleaner and you are struggling with this on a daily basis just give me a ring!

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Bathing And Basic Grooming -

If you are unable to or find it difficult to bend down for long periods of time Talley Wags can assist. I can come around to your home and bath and groom your pet(s) for you in your own home.


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Vet & Weight Checks-

If you need your pet to have regular weight check or you just would like to keep a record on the weight of your pets, just give Talley Wags a ring to use the Pet to Vet services for weight checks.


Talley Wags Pet Sitting & Services Contacts Telephone: 01704 550154Mobile: 0793 1340 375Email: talleywags@hotmail.co.ukWebsite: www.talleywagspetsitting.co.uk 

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