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Dog walking Southport

Talley Wags Dog Walking is here to help owners and pets in need. Whether it’s due to a busy day, work commitments, last minute plans, an emergency, or you just want that day off to sit back and relax, Talley Wags is here to help.

Our main focus is for all dogs to be able to get out the house for a good period of time and enjoy themselves.

Dogs love to go out and see their friends as much as we do!

It’s just like going to a fun and adventurous day at primary school for kids!


It requires a great deal of commitment and attention to detail, visiting clients pets in all weathers and all hours, walking dogs in the pouring rain, those sunny days or freezing cold winds. However, to us, it’s the most rewarding of occupations and an extension to our dog family.

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation; many behavioural problems such as chewing, barking and digging are a direct result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. Regular exercise can result in a happy, healthy well-balanced dog and he/she will be a pleasure to be around when you're at home.

Our walks provide great physical and mental exercise for your dog and most importantly they are lots of fun. Whilst on their walk we include aspects of basic training such as basic health checks, Sits, Downs, Waits, Stays & recall training. Recall training is the biggest part of their walk especially with the distractions of the other dogs! As many owners tend to struggle with this you will find it will help you call your dog’s away from other dogs in public places as we are positively reinforcing this behaviour so you will normally start to see the results while out and about with them yourselves.


We Pride ourselves in the dog group social environment we provide at Talley Wags.

Group exercise consists of multiple factors:

  • Sniffs, mooching calmly and toilet time
  • Basic manners, commands, named recalls
  • Positive Rewards & Positive Play
  • Freedom Off Lead Exercise
  • Dogs Learning To Have Manners Whilst Playing With Other Dogs
  • Dogs Learning To Read And Understand Different Dog Behaviour & Body Language
  • Socializing With Different Breeds, Different Ages

Group Off lead Exercise Isn’t just All About Dogs Running Around To Tire Them Out..

Happy Positive Socialising = Happy Well-Balanced Dogs = Happy Owners


Dog walking ainsdale

There are two choices you can choose from:

 Group Walks or One-2-One Walks

Group Walks

Group Walks are brilliant for your dog to socialise, gain confidence, learn recall while around other dogs, engage in play and interaction, gain social skills and friends… but mainly just be a dog!

We have very well-mannered and behaved dogs in our group walks which domino effects through the groups, dogs teach each other better than what we ever can through their own language.



One-2-One Walks are really good for those dogs that aren’t so social. If it is through aggression, fear or old age sometimes these dogs that like their own personal space would benefit more from a One-2-One aspect. 

We have the facilities for these dogs to go off lead in one of our securely fenced private paddocks so they can enjoy the freedom and space as much as everyone else in a relaxed environment which some owners struggle to find if your dog is people/dog reactive.    

  • We offer an initial free, no obligation, consultation visit. I feel it is important to introduce myself to both you and your dog(s) to give you confidence that they are in the best possible hands. During the visit, we can discuss your dog(s) specific needs and routines. The breed, age and temperament of your dog(s) are all important factors that help us understand your dog(s) for the right walks and social group. I will also use this time to answer any questions you may have regarding our service and discuss key collection.


  • Group Walks mainly take place at one of our privately securely fenced exercise fields these are up to 5 acres which allows plenty of space and freedom to walk, run and roam off lead whilst socialising with other dogs.


  • We asses all new dogs on their first assessment walk in regards to their own personality, behaviours and social skills. This is so we can place them in the best group of like-minded dogs to suit their induvial personality so they do not develop undesirable social traits. Their happiness and being comfortable with the dogs in each group is always most paramount.


  • All vehicles are kitted out with comfortable secure areas for your dogs to travel with carpets and vet beds for comfort. We carry first aid and safety equipment on board at all times. We our proud to let owners know we have a BRAND-NEW ANIMAL ALARM SYSTEM installed in each vehicle. These monitors give visual accurate readings of the temperature, humidity and pressure in the vehicles where your dogs travel at all times and will alert us of any temperature rises while vehicles are in motion or static. This gives us and all our clients in the warmer month’s peace of mind that all animals are travelling comfortably and safely while in our vehicles. Cooling systems are also installed to help give more air circulation and ventilation during the summer months. All vehicles are also installed with tracking systems for the safety of our staff and your dogs to know the location at all times.


  • Collection & Drop off is inclusive in the price and does not affect the length of their walk. All dogs are returned home towel dried and as clean as possible.


  • Text updates can be sent upon request once the walk is completed for your peace of mind.


  • Picture and video updates of your dog’s walk are uploaded (with your consent) most days and can be seen on our Facebook group page. So, you can see what your dog has been up to & who their new friends are.


  • Support and advice with any training or behaviour problems you may be experiencing is always happily given. We monitor all dogs in our care and ensure their behaviour progresses positively. Please be aware that if any problems do arise, we will discuss this with you directly and advise the best way to move forward with those issues. If we cannot advise you ourselves then we refer you to a reputable, highly recommended professional dog trainer who will then be able to help with anymore in-depth issues your experiencing.



Dog Walking:

£8 half hour

£12 an hour

£25 Full Day - Morning & Afternoon

Multiple Family Dogs Extra £5 per dog


One2One Walk:

£12 half hour

£16 an hour

Multiple Family Dogs Extra £5 per dog


Areas Covered:

Southport, Birkdale, Ainsdale, Formby, Hightown, Maghull, Ormskirk, Scarisbrick, Burscough, Churchtown, Marshside. *Please Contact use with your post code to check you are in our area.

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