Cat Home Visits

Cat Home Visits

Cat especially do not like to be moved out of their home environment. With Talley Wags Cat Home Visits your cat(s) get to stay in their familiar surroundings to carry on with their normal behaviors and their natural instincts. They will receive all the care and attention they need or like my own 'demand'. They will be fed and watered with all litter trays cleaned out and refilled as necessary - After all we know how much the independent cats in our lives like things to be kept clean! But most importantly your cats will get the pampering, fuss and attention they deserve.
I offer an initial free, no obligation, consultation visit. I feel it is important to introduce myself to both you and your pet(s) to give you confidence that they are in the best possible hands. During the visit, I can discuss your pet(s) specific needs. I will also use this time to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.
Your cat(s) will have reduced stress levels as they remain in a familiar environment and no trauma from being placed in a cattery as cats do like their own territory, so you can come home to a happy healthy cat.

I cater for all different types of cats and have handled - Aggressive Cats, Scared or Shy Cats, Nervousness and lots more different personality 'quirks'

Our aim is to give you peace of mind to know your pet(s) are in the best possible hands.
During the visits to your home, we can collect the post, turn lights on and off, open and close curtains, water plants in and outside the house and put your bins out for collection, etc. All the normal routines to give your home a 'lived in' look to give more security while you are away on holiday.


Why Use Our Cat Sitting Home Visits Services?
• Professional and Personalized home visits
• Experienced and Trained Pet sitter
• No need to rely on neighbor’s or friends
• Provides attention for your pet(s) whilst you are away
• I will treat your pet(s) as if they are my own
• I will ensure your pet(s) are kept in the routine to which they are accustomed
• Additional pets fed free
• I offer email or text updates
• Give your home a 'lived in' look to give more security while you’re away.

Who would benefit from our Cat Sitting Home Visit Service?
• Owners who may have regular work commitments
• Owners who are called away at short notice
• Holiday Cover
• Elderly
• Hospitalised
• Change in personal circumstances

What happens each day?
• Cleaning of feeding bowls
• Providing fresh food
• Cuddles, plays and lots of TLC
• Basic grooming
• Litter box cleaning
• Providing fresh water
• Cleaning up any 'accidents'
• Administering medication

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