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Dog Walking

Talley Wags Dog Walking is here to help owners and pets in need. Whether its due to a busy day, work commitments, illness, a last minute plan or an emergency, or you just want that day off to sit back and relax, Talley Wags is here to help. We can take your dogs out for a lovely walk or run, long or as short as you and your dog requires.

 At Talley Wags, We offer an initial free, no obligation, consultation visit. I feel it is important to introduce myself to both you and your dog(s) to give you confidence that they are in the best possible hands. During the visit, we can discuss your dog(s) specific needs and routines. The breed, age and temperament of your dog(s) are all important factors that help me understand your dog(s) for the right walks and social group. I will also use this time to answer any questions you may have regarding my service and discuss key collection.

Whether the weather is raining or shining, for that helping hand just give us a call.


It requires a great deal of commitment and attention to detail, visiting clients in all weathers and all hours, walking dogs in the pouring rain, them sunny days or freezing cold winds. However to us, its the most rewarding of occupations.

All dogs are exercised on a long training line at first till they get to know us enough to be let off the lead (unless otherwise directed)

Dogs require physical and mental stimulation; many behavioural problems such as chewing, barking and digging are a direct result of isolation, boredom and insufficient exercise. Regular exercise can result in a happy, healthy well balanced dog and he/she will be a pleasure to be around when you're at home.

There are two choices you can choose from:

 Group Walks or One-2-One Walks


Group Walks

Group Walks are brilliant for your dog(s) to socialise, play, let off steam, relax, and be a dog!

Dogs that are sociable love interaction with their own kind they learn respect, manners and most importantly enjoy having fun doing what dogs do best sniffing and running with their friends.

Group walks are great to keep up their social skills to be a balanced happy family pet in your home.

Whilst on their walk we will do basic training of commands i.e Sit, Down, Wait, Stay & always give them a health check over so they are relaxed with us touching all parts of their bodies like ears, eyes, legs & paws ect.

Also we do free recall training whilst they are out with us as this is a big part of their walk especially with the distractions of the other dogs! This will also help you when you take them out and need to call them away from other dogs. We will do all of this training throughout their time with us.




We take our dogs on the group walk to Formby dunes and beach to give them space to stretch their legs and have room to play together. They love nothing more than to run up and down the dunes while we walk!

Or we have two securely fenced private paddocks where they can run around relaxed, freely and safely. Please read more on our 'Places We Walk' page.  

*Training Treats are provided by us to use while out if your dog has a dietary requirement please leave their Special Treats out for us to take on the day.


Dogs love to go out and see their friends as much as we do!

Its just like going to a fun and adventurous day at primary school for kids!



One-2-One Walks are really good for those dogs that aren’t so social. If is aggression, fear or old age sometimes these dogs that like their own personal space would benefit more from a One-2-One. 

We have the facilities for these dogs to go off lead in one of our securely fenced private paddocks so they can enjoy the freedom and space as much as everyone else in a relaxed enviroment.   

Dog walking ainsdale

Why use our Dog Walking Service?

  • Experienced & Trained dog walkers
  • The dog(s) safety is paramount
  • Dogs are able to socialise, play, let off steam and energy.
  • Rain, snow or shine your dog will be walked
  • Rest assured, if they poop we will scoop!
  • Offers physical and mental stimulation
  • Provides comfort for your dog(s) whilst your not there
  • We will treat your dog(s) as if they are our own
  • One2One walks are available
  • Second family dog walked with 50% discount
  • Additional pets fed free
  • We offer text updates
  • Available for one-off emergencies
  • We have two vans with secured fixed crates for your pets to travel in


Who would benefit from our Dog Walking Service?

  • Owners who may have regular work commitments
  • Owners who are called away at short notice
  • Elderly
  • Hospitalised
  • Recuperating following injury or illness
  • Change in personal circumstances
  • Anyone who just wants that day or night off.

 What happens at each visit?

  • Dog walking from half an hour, 1 hour or more...
  • Walk or Runs within a safe environment in your local area
  • Garden play and companionship if required for our older customers
  • Lots of TLC and fun
  • Treats as agreed
  • Clean water
  • The cleaning up of any dog waste


If you are away or at work during the day, to reduce stress and anxiety we will ensure your dog(s) has a routine to which they are accustomed.

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